What is ceramic coating? Does ceramic coating work?

Automotive ceramic coating is to provide reliable paint surface sealing technology for car paint, protect the car paint efficiently and lastingly, and prevent the impact of the environment on the color of the car paint. 

The advantages of automotive crystal plating are as follows:

1. Scratch resistance: The hardness of diamond crystal is 6H, which can prevent most minor scratches compared with the hardness of ordinary car paint 2H, and has its own elastic recovery function to protect the vehicle from The daily intrusion of minor scratches reduces paint scratches by more than 70% compared with ordinary coatings. When the external force exceeds the elastic protection range of the crystal, it generally only leaves scratches on the crystal and will not damage the paint surface.

2. Corrosion resistance: The ultra-fine nanocrystalline layer of diamond crystal isolates the paint surface from the outside world, which can effectively prevent oxidation, and is resistant to corrosion by bird droppings, flying insect slurry, acid rain, etc.

3. No cracking: diamond crystal is resistant to ultraviolet rays, high temperature and severe cold, with a temperature resistance range of -50°C to 300°C, adapting to a wide range of temperature changes, without cracking or falling off.


4. Easy to clean: The powerful fiber mesh of diamond crystal will fill the invisible pores on the paint surface of the car body, so that the paint surface reaches a mirror state, making the car body easy to clean and maintain, all kinds of dust and all kinds of dirt only use water (without adding any Detergent) washing, the surface of the car body can be restored and kept crystal clear and translucent, even if there are oil stains or insect carcasses, it can be easily removed by simply wiping the surface of the object with a wet towel. Strong hydrophobic self-cleaning function. 5. Anti-static: The diamond crystal of the car crystal contains anti-static agent, which makes the paint surface not easy to absorb dust and refuses "traffic film".

Post time: Aug-01-2022
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