Our History


In 2013, we began to develop car cleaning and beauty care products, and established Laizhou Shuosheng Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.


It has successively launched a variety of products such as triple-effect car wash, interior cleaning agent, all-purpose cleaner, wheel cleaning and other products in the Chinese market to meet the wide range of needs of consumers.


The company's entire product formula was newly upgraded, and ultra-concentrated products were launched. The concentrated formula products are specially aimed at remote freight customers, in order to create lower use costs for customers.


The company independently developed lacquer coating, plastic coating and graphene coating, bringing a comprehensive and new coating experience to Chinese consumers, triggering a new round of innovation in China's auto and beauty market.


The company is developing a series of lacquer grinding products, which I believe will be available soon.
At present, there are distribution agents in more than 50 cities in china.


Qingdao Sunso qisen import&export co., ltd. Was established.
Qingdao Sunso qisen is the international trading company of Laizhou Shuosheng Group. The company is located in Qingdao.

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