About Us

Who We Are ?

Qingdao Sunso Qisen Import&Export Co.,Ltd. is a pioneer of high-end automotive beauty and maintenance products in China. The company is far ahead of its peers in the market with the absolute advantages of new product technology, complete variety and serialization. After nearly ten years of development, it has played a leading role in the innovation and development of global car beauty protection products.

What We Do?

Our company has always been committed to providing the best car detailing  solutions, OEM SERVICES. In our R&D center, we have several experts to develop new cleaning products for the global market. Since its establishment nearly ten years ago, it has continued to innovate and continue to provide global consumers with efficient cleaning and protection products.

From 2013 to 2017

It has successively launched a variety of products such as triple-effect car wash, interior cleaning agent, all-purpose cleaner, wheel cleaning and other products in the Chinese market to meet the wide range of needs of consumers.

In July 2018

 The company's entire product formula was newly upgraded, and ultra-concentrated products were launched. The concentrated formula products are specially aimed at remote freight customers, in order to create lower use costs for customers.

In 2019

The company independently developed lacquer coating, plastic coating and graphene coating, bringing a comprehensive and new coating experience to Chinese consumers, triggering a new round of innovation in China's auto and beauty market.

From June 2021 to now

The company is developing a series of lacquer grinding products, which I believe will be available soon.

Company Culture

Since the establishment of the company, after nearly ten years of product research and development, production, testing and adjustment, we have developed from the initial few handmade products to today's 2,000-square-meter production plant, which can provide dozens of tons of products every day to meet market needs.
We have always regarded "the heart does not call for things, and things do not arrive" as my firm belief.

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