Is ceramic coating worth it? What does ceramic coating do?

Nowadays, riders pay more and more attention to the appearance of their vehicles. Car crystal plating is a form of vehicle beauty project. In order to prevent the influence of the surrounding environment on the color of the car paint, it is still necessary to do car crystal plating.Car ceramic coating compounds such as silicon dioxide are used for crystal plating. According to the efficacy of polymer materials, an isolation layer is formed on the surface of the vehicle paint. The isolation layer has the functions of resisting ultraviolet light, alkali resistance and hydrophilicity. , and then maintain the paint surface. Vehicle crystal plating is the most advanced car paint maintenance solution. It promotes car beauty decoration from the core concept of maintenance to maintenance, which should be at a higher level in car beauty decoration. Speaking of the importance of crystal plating, if your own car paint is solid color paint and ordinary pearl paint, then there is no need for crystal plating,It can provide more lasting water displacement effect and stronger water drop capacity!

After the car is plated with car ceramic coating, the car body has strong hydrophobicity and self-cleaning function. When the car surface is a little dirty, even those hard-to-wash stains such as insect corpses and oil stains, the car owner only needs to simply rinse the car surface with water. , it is easy to restore the crystal clear surface of the car. And the slight scratches that occur in daily life will not affect the car paint, even if it is a serious scratch, it will only leave traces on the protective layer of the crystal plating, and will not hurt the car paint.

If your car already has a coating, you can use SiO2 spray coating film to maintain your coating and ensure that it can last longer time. Or use car ceramic spray that can last longer timer.

Is ceramic coating worth it

Post time: Aug-01-2022
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