How to use car interior cleaners efficiently

3 steps to quickly clean the car interior:

1. shoose 5 Gallons Car Interior Cleaner and Shake well before use, inject evenly at a distance of about 15cm from the cleaning site, leave it for about 15 seconds, and gently wipe it with a soft cloth;
2. It can quickly clean the surface of car glass, baffles, car body, etc. The car cleaner can remove all kinds of adhesive tapes and stickers pasted on the surface of car glass, and can remove the surrounding of wheels, fenders, bumpers, car bodies, etc. Oil stains on tools;
3. The use of car cleaners can also form a protective film to protect the paint. In addition, the car interior cleaners are used to clean the chemical fibers, wood, leather, cloth, velvet, engineering plastics and other products of the car.


20L car interior cleaner can clean most car interior materials, such as plastics, artificial leather, flannel, etc. It needs to be shaken a few times before use to let it spray and evenly foam.
For glass and metal, it needs to be wiped and cleaned before the cleaning foam is dry to prevent spots from appearing. If the foam is dry, it can be washed with water.

Post time: Jul-30-2022
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