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Inside and outside all purpose cleaner 4L are the highest proportion of all purpose cleaner  on the market.This product can be used for all interior and exterior parts of the car, including wheels, engines, tires and wheels, home carpets, and office supplies.

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We use the term All Purpose Cleaner (“APC”) every day.

This product is designed with a unique high-efficiency concentrated formula, which can quickly emulsify oil stains. It has strong decontamination ability, high solid content, high proportion, fast decontamination speed, environmental protection and no pollution. It contains a variety of high-performance active substances. Effectively clean all kinds of dirt and oil stains;
Gentle on the skin and does not damage items. Powerful decontamination. No residue and easy to clean. Concentrated formula, affordable.
Safe and environmentally friendly to use, can replace harmful substances such as ether and xylene, and will not pollute car interior parts

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How to use

For lightly soiled surfaces: mix detergent and water 1:50-100 (for car interiors, desktops, counters, office utensils, walls, etc.).
For moderate dirt: mix detergent and water in a ratio of 1:20-50 (for dirtier car interiors, car engines, chassis, hub tires, etc.)
For heavily soiled surfaces: mix detergent and water 1:10-20 (for car engine, chassis, wheel hub tires, etc.)

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Compare to car  interior cleaner, FAQ:

--Does the product contain phosphorus?
The product does not contain phosphorus and will not cause eutrophication of water bodies.

--Can the suede be washed?
Interior cleaners are okay.

--Can it be used for decoration cleaning after the hotel?
All-purpose cleaners can.

--Can the all-purpose cleaner wash the worms on the front bumper?
All-Purpose Cleaner can be used after being diluted 20 times.

--Can the suede be washed?
Interior cleaners are okay.

--Can it be used for cleaning of hoods and stoves?
All-purpose cleaner can.

--Will it hurt your hand?
It will not hurt your hands, but it is recommended to wear gloves for chemical reagents.

--Interior cleaner will this wash leather corrode?
The interior cleaning agent has a combination of 7 and will not corrode any materials.

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